I’ve always loved art and working with my hands.  My first interaction with clay was in an art therapy class while in the hospital at age 7.  I was able to build something to take me away from stress of the time there. I left with one piece that I placed on my dresser as long as I could keep it in tact.  Creating tactile objects became an experience I longed for.  Later, while camping with family, my sisters and I explored a spot across the cove where we discovered limestone clay. We would spend hours digging out the clay and creating our own world of objects.  We called it Clay Island. I find my work consistently brings me back to that desire of getting my hands dirty to create and ground myself.  Every piece has its own story and personal connection and the process is both cathartic and therapeutic. I hope you feel a piece of that thru my work. All pieces of Clay Island Ceramics are handmade in Austin or Marfa, Texas.